At Paloma, we continue to enjoy an increasing volume of sales year after year. This has been brought about by our ever-expanding customer base, and five defining factors…factors that give us the competitive edge in our field

Metal Excellence

Ever since our inception, we have explored several emerging and untapped possibilities in the market. Our thirst for innovation has led us to manufacture of precision machined parts using stainless steel, steel, copper, brass, plastic material. We are today a one-stop-shop for our customer’s machined parts requirements which gives us a competitive edge in the industry.

Process Enhancement

Over the years, having pitched ourselves against international competition, we discovered ways and means to better our manufacturing process; making it sharp, competitive & cutting edge. We continue to find ways and means to compete globally by

  • Enhancing the manufacturing processes
  • Flexibility in providing customers with high volume-low mix & low volume-high mix
  • Business value proposition
  • Providing value added services to the customer

Paloma today has invested into a state-of-the-art highly efficient transfer machine capable of producing high quality- close dimensional tolerance parts using a multi-axis CNC machine imported from Italy.

Strategic Location for Raw material availability & export shipping

Among the critical advantages that work in our favour is the location & logistics factor. Both the units, at Bangalore & Jamnagar are ideally situated to reap the benefits of strategic location. Raw material sources are available within a short distance from our plants. Accessible by road, rail and air, transportation is easily available. This makes it possible to bring in raw materials and ship finished product to destinations world-wide keeping sharp lead time.

Assembly & Testing

Providing our customers value added services makes Paloma a choice partner. Both plants of Paloma have the capability to manufacture high precision parts, assemble them with crimping & coining processes and testing them on hydraulic/pneumatic machines to ascertain leak-proofing before packing & shipping them world-wide.

State-of-the-art Automated Electroplating line

Paloma has a SCADA integrated plating plant capable to do Electrolytic Zinc, Zinc iron & Zinc nickel plating with corrosion resistance up to 720 hours.